The Stamparatus™ would have to be my all time favourite tool! I might event love it more than my Big Shot! If you want an easy,  well designed stamping tool this is is for you. If you want a perfect consistent image whether it is stamped 5 or 55 times in the one session then you’ll definitely want this tool!

Yes, the now retired Stamp-a-ma-Jig had its place and served us very well, (I still love mine)  but THIS new tool is ingenious. Maybe even revolutionary.

If you about to embark on a Christmas cards making frenzy, be sure to read on…


Let’s take a look


The Stamaparatus is the best stamp positioning tool on the market! Learn how to get the most out of your new favourite tool at our Master Your Stamparatus Event!

Ok – so let me give you the low down. The two clear square plates (top left) are where you mount your stamps. A bit like a block.  Each has “hinges” at the top of each of them. These click into the base hinge pieces pictured top right.

You will notice there are hinge mounts on two adjacent sides of the base where you click the plates into place in any hinge (more on that later).

Also included is a mat for photopolymer stamps and two super strong bar magnets.

PRO TIP:  Do NOT let the two bar magnets SNAP together. It really really REALLY hurts if you get your fingers or skin caught between them as they slam together!  (Trust me ! I have the blood blisters to prove it)  You will ruin your nails trying to pull them apart and the force of them snapping together can actually break them – they are THAT STRONG.

On the base plate AND on the mounting plate, you can see that there is a beautiful, easy to read grid that makes it ridiculously easy to get everything lined up exactly the way you want. And, because those magnets are so strong and are BARS and not small little dots, your paper can move your paper anywhere on the base plate and it wont move. No accidental slipping.

Let’s look even closer


The Stamaparatus is the best stamp positioning tool on the market! Learn how to get the most out of your new favourite tool at our Master Your Stamparatus Event! Once both mounting plates are snapped in place, it looks like they would “criss-cross” if they both folded in at the same time? (They DON’T so don’t even THINK about trying it!)

This is so you can put two different stamps on each plate, put your paper down once and stamp BOTH stamps quickly one after the other. Making multiples of the two step-stamping image?  How TIME SAVING was that? Like they  say in the infomericals “But wait, there’s more!”

You can have up to FOUR different stamps ready to use at the one time. How? The plates snap out so you can have, say, your hot air balloon on one surface, the basket on the other side, a the clouds on another plate with the words on the fourth side.

Just line them up before inking then you can switch them round as many times as you want!  This makes batch card making a breeze! Just position the stamps and you’re ready to go – you will get consistent results every time!


Oops… mistakes happen…

Mistakes and poorly stamped images are the bane of every stamp enthusiasts existence.  How many times have you thrown away an image that you didn’t quite stamp right?  Probably quite a few (or a few hundred in my case!).

With the Stamparatus,  stamping mistakes are so easily fixed too.

If your image didn’t come out quite right, don’t move the paper or the stamp just reink the stamp again making sure you press right where the image was lighter or uninked. No fuss and best of all no wasted card stock due to poorly stamped images.

Did you want to know something else that’s cool?

Hinge stamping is cool! Say you want to stamp the word “CONGRATS!” repeatedly from the top to the bottom down the front of a card in different colours or ombre style. It’s simple! Put your paper down, secure with your magnet(s), mount your word and stamp at the top.

Then, instead of moving the paper and crossing your fingers that you have left enough space and lined them up perfectly, just detach the mounting plate and move it down a hinge or two and reattach it and stamp again.  Voila! perfectly lined up!

Now repeat the process all the way down your paper and you’ve got perfectly lined up images! No stress! no waste!


Why you need the Stamparatus?

The Stamparatus, besides being the best thing since sliced bread is so much more than a stamp positioning tool.  This video from Stampin’ Up! probably explains it best:

Is the Stamparatus the only stamp positioning tool on the market?

No, it isn’t.

The main competitor is much higher priced.  It retails for around $139 (AUD) to $179 (AUD).  Yes there is a mini version, which barely fits a standard card front, that retails for around $99. The Stamparatus Stampin’ Up! offers is $85 (AUD) and includes EVERYTHING you need. Just open the box, pull it out and get started.

The other competitor just recently pulled their version out of the US market.

Neither of these stamp positioners can do what the Stamparatus achieve with it’s unique movable hinge action, flat, and open platform, and dual plates that both work with both clear mount and photopolymer/acrylic stamps.

If you love:

  • two, three or more step stamping
  • to make multiples of a special design and/or
  • to execute your projects with precision

you can’t get a better tool OR a better deal on a stamp positioner than Stampin’ Up!’s Stamparatus.

Do you have your Stamparatus yet?

Perhaps, you’re hesitant to buy the Stamparatus because you might need a little help getting started.  Well you’re in luck! If you buy the Stamparatus from me before 30 September, you get free entry to the Master your Stamparatus class being held on Friday,  23 November from 7:15PM – saving you $27.

Now you might think, November’s a long way off but to tide you over till our face to face session you will receive an electronic version of the class too. This gives you time gives you time to experiment and play with your tool before the class.

Of course you can send any questions you have about your tool and the online training to me beforehand, and of course, I’ll help you. I want you to love this tool as much as I do.

I have my Stamparatus but I want to use it better.

This is where Master your Stamparatus can help. As I mentioned this learning event, is all about mastering the basics and exploring more advance techniques so you feel confident to reach for this tool every time you stamp. You will learn more creative stamping techniques that will take your projects to the next level.

What now?

To get your Stamparatus it’s as easy as clicking the image below. Remember if you buy yours before 30th September 2018  you will receive a complimentary Master your Stamparatus  class ticket and the online version of the class.



P.S. If you already own a Stamparatus book your place in the Master your Stamparatus class – remember spots are limited.

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