Heat Embossing – How to

Heat embossing is a really fun and surprisingly easy way to add WOW to your creations. It adds sheen and texture without much effort.

Believe it or not, this truly is a “super easy” technique. There are only four steps to this technique. Once you get started you will not want to stop!

4 Steps of Heat Embossing:

  1. Wipe your card with an embossing buddy or a used dryer sheet. WHY? Static electricity can cause rogue embossing powder grains to stick where they aren’t meant to and create distractions on your project.  Give your card a quick wipe with your embossing buddy to eliminate any static and this will ensure that no stray grains of embossing powder will decide to do their own thing.
  2. Stamp your image with a versamark ink on to your card stock.
  3. Sprinkle Embossing powder over the sticky ink and tap of the excess powder – move the excess powder away so it doesn’t come in contact with the heat. You may choose to use a fine paint brush to brush away any stray grains.
  4. Place your project on a heat proof surface (such as a cork place mat ) and heat with the Heat tool  until the embossing powder melts into a glorious, crisp image on your card stock. Use back and forth in sweeping motions to keep the overall heat even and prevent any areas from getting scorched. The embossing powder will melt into individual grains and then join together as one smooth and “liquid” look – when it gets to this liquid state it is ready done. Overheating will dull the sheen and may cause the embossed parts to crack or lift off the card so stop when the embossing powder looks like liquid.
 NEVER point the heat tool at your fingers as the air coming out is HOT and will burn!

DO NOT touch the embossing powder with your fingers straight after heating!!! You will get burnt and potentially smudge your embossed image!

Now that you’ve learned a little about how to heat emboss on projects, try it out! You will love the effect and WILL want to heat emboss everything all the time!

What you need to heat emboss:

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