You’ve heard the song “I get by with a little help from my friends…” haven’t you?

Sometimes friends don’t know you need help unless you ask.

This is my dilemma. It is very difficult for me to ask for help.

So not my thing at all!I’m more of “I can do it myself” type of girl. BUT, I’ve been told that I asking you and my stamping friends for help is totally okay.

Everything, I’ve read about achieving your goals says that talking about your goals and asking for help plays a big part in achieving them.

To be honest, I struggle with asking for help, particularly if it’s asking you buy things because I don’t like to be pushy. Asking for help makes me feel really uncomfortable.

However, I realise if I want achieve my goal in just FIVE  days, I have to ask for help.

Deep Breath… here goes…Please help me get to Centre Stage.

Trust me it isn’t any easier writing to ask for help than saying it. The struggle is real!

I’m hoping with my whole heart your response is:

“Sure. Tell me what you need from me?”

But first let me explain about Centre Stage Live…

Centre Stage Live is basically exclusive leadership event that Stampin’ Up! holds as part of their Onstage Live and local Celebrations.  You may have seen on the blog last month that I was super excited to that Steve and I secured tickets to Onstage Stage Live in Orlando Florida  (here’s that blog post in case you missed it!)  Onstage Live is usually held twice a year but there was only one event this year so that made it a bit more special cause this one is 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Any demonstrator in the world can go to an Onstage Live or  Local event (if they are fast enough to secure tickets – our local Brisbane event sold out in 20 minutes!).

Centre Stage is different.  It is an exclusive event just for those demonstrators who achieve a Silver Elite (and above) demonstrator title.  It means  achieving two specific sales and leadership targets and one member of your team must achieve a title too.

I am so so close!

Why is attending Centre Stage in Orlando so important to me?

Sharing specific goals is really personal and hard, especially when it comes to something to do with your own business.   I’m a little emotional and hesitant to share but I’ve been encouraged by my upline and my business coach to share on this occasion.

There’s a number of reasons that I’d love to achieve Centre Stage.

Another very deep breath… here goes.

First reason…

I’m heading into my 10th year as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. In the past 9 years, I’ve NEVER qualified for Centre Stage before so it would be super awesome to qualify during the 30th anniversary event. I’m told is going to be extra special cause it’s Walt Disney World’s Epcot Theme Park. I LOVE Disney so much! (Not as much as my friend, Catherine but still a lot!) It would be really something special to celebrate my promotion during the 30th anniversary celebrations.

Reason number 2

Two of my Stamping besties, Vicki and Meg have both qualified for Centre Stage and they are traveling from New Zealand and Texas (USA) and desperately want to share my first Centre Stage with me.  It may be the only time that the three of us are all at the one event together. So it would be fantastic if we could do this part of the event together. I don’t want to disappoint them.

The Third reason

My upline, Kym is celebrating her 10th anniversary at Onstage. It would be great to share Centre Stage with her as she celebrates.  I want to be there cheering her on! Imagine being halfway around the world and celebrating such a milestone without a member of your team there. That would be a little sad.

The best reason of all! (Well I think it is)

My husband, Steve has supported my Stampin’ Up! business since it started. He’s helped with stalls, displays and letterbox drops.   You name it – he’s done it!  Before almost every class, you will find him tidying up outside, washing floors, getting groceries, dusting, setting up tables or whatever else needs doing. After classes, Steve’s always there doing dishes and helping clean up. He makes sure the books are balanced and tax returns submitted.  If encouragement is needed, Steve is there cheering me on.  He is a big part of my business even if he isn’t a stamper.

Steve has had a pretty tough 18 months as his whole life has changed due a whole host of reasons including his mum passing away and both of us experiencing life threatening illnesses.  Since his surgery only five weeks ago, Steve has been working his butt off with his rehabilitation to be well enough to make our trip. It would be amazing to be able to reward him for his hard work and support by achieving this event so he can attend too.

So it’s NOT “all about me!”
I get by with a little help from my friends but they don't know if you need help unless you ask. sometimes it's hard to ask for help... But today I'm asking

How can you help?


There are a few way you can help in the next five days


  1. Ask your friends or family to buy your Stampin’ Up! Christmas gift from me at my online store  before 30th September 2018 see the All I want for Christmas blog for reasons why.
  2. Place an order (doesn’t matter how small) before 30th September (Early Christmas present anyone?) Treat yourself!
  3. Tell your crafty friends about my goal and how excited you will be for me if I achieve it and asking if they need any supplies to help with their Christmas Crafts – if they do give them the link to my online store: http://bit.ly/TheCreativeEclecticsSUStore
  4. Share  The Creative Eclectic’s Facebook Page, blog (www.TheCreativeEclectic.com) , Instagram or YouTube channel with all your friends via social media, email and any other way you think of as much as you can.
  5. Talk to your friends who own a small business and ask if they need Christmas or greeting cards for their clients and staff.  If they say yes, tell them that I can help them with beautiful handmade cards and give them my email address: chrissy@thecreativeeclectic.com and ask them to contact me ASAP.

So to quote the classic Beatles hit: “Won’t you please, please help me?

Thank you so much for supporting my stamping business.  I appreciate all that you do.

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