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Mistakes are part of life…

Have you created a beautiful card but forgot to stamp the words?

You think to yourself, “it’s all good. I’ll just stamp it now.  Not a problem. Too easy”

So you confidently grab your stamp and ink and stamp only to discover your simple fix has gone disastrously wrong.

Maybe the dog bumped you, the phone rang, your child or husband interrupted you, someone came to the door, the embellishments got it the way or maybe you were just distracted or weren’t careful.  Whatever your reason,  your sentiment looks a little like this:

Does your stamped sentiment ever look shadowed or blurry ? Can it be saved? Perhaps... let The Creative Electic show you how! #quickfix #lightbilbmoment #rubberstamping #doodle #stampinup

This s nothing like the crisp clean stamped image you wanted. (I know you feel my pain!)   Instead it’s shadowy, looks like your dropped the stamp on it and it’s not at all your best work. (It’s okay, we’ve all been there!)

You are gutted! That stunning card that you’d worked so hard to beautifully create is ruined!  Yes RUINED!!!

“All the time wasted!”, you dismay as you  toss it towards the bin disheartened and defeated.

Wait! Can I fix it?

Surely, there is something easy you can do to salvage that project you spend so long on?

Maybe there is a quick fix…

As you glance around your craft space, you spy some card stock scraps the same colour as your base card. What if you stamped the sentiment on the scrap, cut it to size and stuck it over the mistake?  That could work and it’s a really quick simple fix.  At this point you start channeling “Bob the Builder” chanting “Can we fix it – Yes we can!” (Bet you chanted that out loud as you read it! I certainly did! ???)

Maybe the stamped sentiment needs to be layered on a contrasting colour or a “doodled” border.

Doodling is so in right now! (Trust me! There are even apps to teach you how to doodle.) The beauty of a hand-drawn doodle border is that the lines don’t need to be completely straight as bumpiness adds to the “look” –  if you have a shaky hand that’s a great thing!

Drawing a doodle border around a stamped sentiment is definitely quick and inexpensive! Just grab your Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker or Journaling Pens and draw a little border.

Perfection is NOT the aim.

That said, if you don’t like it first time, just remember there are always more scraps to play with. If you’re anything like me you’ll have lots of little off-cuts in your stash cause you might need it one day.  Today is that “one day”.

Here’s my fix attempt:

Does your stamped sentiment ever look shadowed or blurry ? Can it be saved? Let The Creative Electic show you how to fix it with some scraps and doodling! #quickfix #lightbilbmoment #rubberstamping #doodle #stampinup

Mistakes are part of life…

Sometimes mistakes are part of paper craft and card making too.

Remember, these mistakes don’t have to be the end of your project. In fact they can take your creation somewhere completely unexpected. Take a look:

Does your stamped sentiment ever look shadowed or blurry ? Can it be saved? Let The Creative Electic show you how to fix it with some scraps and doodling! #quickfix #lightbilbmoment #rubberstamping #doodle #stampinup

Okay, so the card isn’t as I originally planned but it’s still a lovely card AND I didn’t need to throw all that work I’d done in the bin (trash). That makes me very happy. If you don’t have journaling pens or Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker click on the photos below to order yours from the online Stampin’ Up! store.

Until next time…happy creating!

Chrissy x

PS Do you like the final card?  Yes, then check out the February’s Class at Home to learn how you can get instructions for free during February.

Show me the markers…



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