World Card Sending Week- 6-12 October 2019. #sendacard #SUdifferencemaker #makeadifference #makeacardsendacard #WCMDwithSU #handmadecardsHappy World Card Sending Week!

To follow up on a fabulous World Card Making Day last Saturday (5th October), Stampin’ Up! has declared it World Card Sending Week!

We love handmade cards!

Every class you attend you make 3 or 4 amazing cards AND, if you’re anything like me, these those fabulous cards are lovingly placed in your card tin or box waiting for the “right time” to use them. You treasure them as you had such joy making them. Then there are the other cards that you make to try out new techniques or to practice or perfect what you learned in class or the ones you make for someone and forget to post.

Over time you amass quite a collection of handmade cards…

How many handmade cards?

It might be rude but I’m going to ask “How many handmade cards do you have in your stash?”

Be honest… 36? 50? 100? 200 or more? Maybe you are too scared to count them?  I admit I literally HAD hundreds! So I’ve donated over 500 cards to two causes this year and I still have a very healthy card stash.

Receiving cards brings joy

Do you love opening your mail box and finding a card?  Receiving a card tells you that someone treasured you enough to take time out of their day to choose card, write you a message and post it to you. The sender cared enough to give you time! When the card is made especially for you, it is even more special.  It makes the heart sing.  You treasure the card and display it proudly on the fridge, pinboard or sideboard.  Every time you see it, you smile.   Even weeks later it brings you joy! In time, you may pack it away with your other keepsakes so in years to come you can look at it fondly.

Sometimes cards arrive when you are struggling or feeling down.  They give you a little lift or brighten your day.  The mere thought of knowing that someone is thinking of you can make a huge difference.

Share the love

We’ve established that you adore receiving handmade cards. Imagine if you could bring that same joy to others.

You can! Remember your impressive stash of cards that you’ve made.  It’s time to put them to good use! This week,

It’s a random act of kindness of sorts.

Not sure who to send a card to.

It doesn’t really matter who you send your card to… The choices are infinite, you could start with someone you know:

  • a friend who’s overseas, far away or who is local but you haven’t seen them in a while
  • your partner or spouse
  • a coworker or employee who’s doing a great job
  • your manager who has supported you
  • someone who achieved a promotion
  • someone celebrating a birthday
  • a neighbour
  • say hi a family member who you haven’t seen for a while
  • the local barista who makes your brilliant coffee every day
  • a get well card for anyone who is unwell
  • thank you to your doctor, dentist or even the hairdresser who did your fabuous highlights.
  • the teenager down the street who just got their license or graduated would probably like a congratulations card too.

So many options…

Still stuck?

Maybe there is absolutely no one that you know who you want to write to.  Don’t despair!

You can send a card to a complete stranger! A little out there, I know but hear me out!

There is a whole movement of card and letter writers who write to people they don’t know offering hope and support. These cards and letters make a difference.Take a look at this video to see what I mean.

One Million Lovely Letters

One card makes a difference

I’m not advocating that you send a million cards like Jodie or even support the initiative in the video.  It is just one example of how writing  to strangers can make a difference.  Jodie is not alone in her efforts. There so many people writing messages of hope to complete strangers.  A little google search comes up including the local Letters of Hope, and international organisations such as More Love Letters and Care.org,

There are so many people who need a handmade card.

Why not leave your card with an encouraging message on the table at your local coffee shop or restaurant addressed: “whoever finds this first”?

There are people in aged or residential care who have no family or friends left, who’d love to receive a card.  Our hospitals are filled with people undergoing medical treatment who are alone in the world.

Write a card of gratitude or support for a nurse, doctor, firefighter, policeman or paramedic – they do an awesome job.

Maybe write to a farmer suffering the drought or give the homeless person who you walk past a card containing a voucher for a coffee or a subway sandwich.

If you are still stuck, send a card with a message of gratitude and support to our defence personnel: Messages to the Troops, Media Section, 39 Operational Support Battalion, Building 217, Randwick Barracks NSW 2031.

Cards create a connection and sense of belonging – who doesn’t want that?

Not sure what to say in the card

Google is your friend… just google “what to write” and you will find a million examples fo what to write… you can write anything nice really.  just write from the heart!

World Card Sending Week Challenge

This week during World Card Sending Week, I challenge you to send at least one handmade card to someone and tell me that you’ve sent it in the comments below.  I’d love to see how many handmade cards we can send as a group to make a difference

What are you waiting for? Grab those gorgeous handmade cards from your stash and put them to work!

Until next time… happy creating (and card sending)!


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