Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are having a fabulous day.

My day is so far is full of mixed emotions. If you are anything like me, you might a teeny bit concerned (or maybe even totally freaked out) about everything that is happening in the world at the moment.  It seems like we are being bombarded on the TV and social media with heaps of messages about the virus and the situation is changing daily and it is a downright scary time.

Life is different now

Each morning when my husband catches the bus to work, I pray that he won’t be exposed to the virus and he will be safe. Someone suggested that I drive him for my own peace of mind. I have offered but as he says taking four hours out of my day (an hour each way, twice a day) is not reasonable nor practical nor economical.  Apparently my suggestion to take a can of Glen 20 (spray disinfectant) with him on the bus to spray anyone who got too close or coughed/sneeze was funny. ( Okay, I may have been more than a little anxious. At some point, the words “emotional wreck” may have been used.)

Right now he just can’t stay home.

He has to work so that the health professionals, allied health, cleaners and all the other public health staff in the frontline continue to get paid.  Hopefully by tomorrow things will be set up so that the computer system can cope with about a third fo the 80,000+ staff accessing it remotely. If that happens he can work from home.  Until then we are taking the whole disinfecting routine when he walks through the door each night extra seriously.

Keeping in touch is important…

Over the past 12 months, you may have noticed my blog posts have been less regular.  Please accept my apologies. You see I’ve been trying to manage multiple health issues ranging from depression and anxiety to kidney stones and their complications, sinus infections, fibromyalgia, an immune deficiency and now just for something a little more exciting, asthma.  To be honest, some days it is all I can manage to get out of bed and get dressed.  There have been a few times, I haven’t managed that. My mottos have been “Just do one thing” and “look for the good in every day.” Some days I can manage to do lots of things and others I can’t.

Since December much my energy has gone into my face to face classes and events. The reason for this is that on the days that I see my creative friends or “speak” with them, my heart sings! Hearing them laugh and watching their joy as they create is so uplifting and dare I say it, infectious!  Connecting over a creative pursuit makes me feel better… yes I may be exhausted after creative catch ups but I also feel so much better. A bit like a combination won ton soup or chicken soup makes everything better when you’re physically sick, spending time with creative friends heals too.

Brave new world

Social distancing means that all my planned face to face events are on hold indefinitely.  How sad is that?

That doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected or can’t create together.  There are always options to do voice and video calls. Share what you’ve made on Instagram, Facebook or social media.  We can message each other or can post handmade cards to each other or anyone else that might need a little happiness. I encourage you to send a card to anyone that you think might need a little handmade happiness. Right now, I’m working through some technical glitches for live video classes.

Please reach out to me if you feel alone or need to talk crafts.  We are all in this together… in a social-distancing appropriate way, of course.

Yes, social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdowns are scary…

When we are anxious, it is really easy to fall into the trap of saying:

  • I’m stuck at home
  • I will get sick
  • We will run out
  • everything is shutting down
  • the world is crazy and uncertain

Just reading these statements, triggers anxious thoughts.

What if we look at things in a positive way?

Try these words instead:

  • By staying home, I will be SAFE and spend time with the people I love who live with me.
  • I will self-isolate and wash my hands properly, this will DECREASE my chances of getting sick.
  • Right now, I have everything I NEED. I have prepared for this and I will use the things I have wisely.   If I need more there are services available to help me get what I need.
  • The most IMPORTANT places such as medical centres, hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores are open.
  • While I can’t control the situation around me, I CAN control my actions.  Doing breathing and physical exercises, calling loved ones, getting enough sleep, eating well, spending time in my garden or balcony,  prayer (if you are religious) and doing activities I love at home (like paper crafting) will help me at this time.
  • Being at home is a chance to use my craft supplies, finished projects half done and learn new craft techniques.

These statements provoke less anxiety, don’t they?  I’ve printed the top four points and posted them around the house as reminders to myself.

One of my friends overseas is treating lockdown like a forced month-long yoga, meditation and artistic retreat. What a wonderful approach! I love getting her positive messages and photos of her creations.

Get some sunshine

In Australia, we are really lucky that most of us have yards, courtyards or balconies so we can get outside into the sunshine.  But we spend so much time avoiding sunburn, that we forget that sunlight has healing properties too.

That sounds very new age, doesn’t it?

It’s not really.  There is a science behind my words. Sunlight produces serotonin which lifts your mood and can help you feel calm and focused.  It also helps the body produce melatonin at night and this hormone is responsible for helping you sleep well.  Both of these things will help improve your mental wellbeing.

For centuries, Sunlight has been part of the treatment for many medical conditions including the Spanish Flu, Tuberculous, and staph infections. UV sunlight contains antibacterial qualities. Don’t forget the vitamin D benefits that help your body fight infections. There are so many good reasons to catch a few gentle rays.

Get outside

Now that the blistering heat of summer is over, take your cuppa (or wine) and water into the garden and soak up the sun’s rays for at least 15 minutes each day (30 minutes is better).  If you can’t get outside, throw open the curtains and windows to let the sunlight and fresh air in.  Every little bit helps us stay well.

What is Stampin’ Up! doing?

Right now in Australia,  Stampin’ Up! is still filling orders and sending them out.  A lot of work is happening behind the scenes to keep employees safe and get your orders to you.  I will keep you updated if things change.

Can I get the virus from my Stampin’ Up! order?

Some people have expressed concern that their Stampin’ Up! (SU) products might contain the virus.  The rubber stamps are all made in Kanab USA. Let me reassure you that by the time Stampin’ Up! products arrive in Australia, they have spent several weeks on cargo ships in transit and been through some mandatory biosecurity and quarantine measures. These time delays are all longer than the reported time the virus can stay alive outside the body (72 hours).

All SU’s South Pacific orders are packed in and shipped from Sydney, they’re taking every precaution to ensure items are packed as safely. So is Australia Post who delivers our wonderful Big Brown Boxes.

If you are really worried about your order, either don’t open your big brown box for 72 hours or don your disposable gloves and disinfect all the packaging as you unpack your order.  Personally, I treat my order the same as my groceries: try to remember “don’t touch my face” while I unpack and wash my hands when I’m finished.

Stay in touch

During this unprecedented time, it’s important to stay connect and reach out to one another (in a social distancing appropriate way).  As I mentioned earlier, staying in touch with my creative friends helps me when I’m not feeling the best. Maybe it will help you too.  Please share your creations with me and reach out to me when you want or need to. You are never alone. We are all in this together and we’ve totally got this!

Stay safe and well. Sending virtual hugs!

Until next time happy creating!

Chrissy x




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