Happy Tuesday!

Do you want to hear a story?

Last year, I was asked to share MY personal and Stampin’ Up! story. To be honest, I videoed it but I wasn’t happy so it got shoved aside.

This morning I discovered the discarded video while procrastinating…I mean tidying my computer files. The video really isn’t as bad as I first thought. So in the interest of staying connected, I’m sharing it with you.

My video is longer than I intended but I hope helps you get to know me a little better. Please be mindful that it was filmed in 2019.

So go make yourself a cuppa and grab a biscuit or your lunch and take a break from working at home, cleaning or whatever it is you doing that you don’t want to be doing and relax…

I’ll wait…

Just imagine me singing a musical interlude while you get prepared… or perhaps not… my tone is a bit off today… blocked ears again.   Imagine Michael Buble or Robbie Williams crooning instead.

Are you ready?

Woo Hoo! It’s storytime.


Hello… are you still awake? ?

If you fell asleep watching that video, it’s okay – glad I could help you drift off. ?  I accept I’m not as appealing nor sexy as Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa or even Kevin Costner.

Hopefully, you stayed awake long enough to learn something that you didn’t know about me.

Please share your story with me… I’d love to hear all about YOU.

Inspire, Create and Share

Maybe you want to share your love of Stampin’ Up! with others.  You’re always welcome on my team.  Today is the last day to take advantage of the fabulous Sale-A–Bration Promotion, click here if you’ve got your wish list sorted and are ready to join my team or read more about becoming a demonstrator. What a blessing it would be to share your creative journey with you!

Until next time… Happy Creating

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