Happy Tuesday.

What a busy day! I’ve spent most of the day on the computer arranging files (aka procrastinating) video editing, and typing newsletters and tutorials.

Working from home is fraught with danger

My work-from-home co-worker (Steve) narrowly escaped death today. He decided, while his massive report was running, to wash down the outdoor area, so helpful of him. It is all clean and fresh now.

However, I spent hours on Sunday washing the windows and the glass doors.  My darling husband managed not only to splash the bottom of the doors and windows but the tops as well. Needless to say, I had to clean them again.  I wasn’t particularly receptive when he pointed out that I’d “missed a spot.” Luckily, he was on the other side of the door as I was considering doing him an injury with the squeegee. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.

My co-worker also discovered that when you work from home, no-one does a “coffee run” nor “lunch run”  – that was a very rude awakening!

Security is tight

Our furry four-legged office “security”, Delphi also decided that it is wonderful to corner the rogue flies on the dining room window and eat them, leaving her lovely little nose and ginormous tongue smudges all over what were perfectly clean, spotless windows.  Seriously, I’ve now given up on the windows ever being clean.

Miss Delphi takes her job as security very seriously. So far today we’ve been protected from pigeons, a lizard, the neighbors putting rubbish in their bin and the poor Officeworks Delivery Driver, who may or may not need clean underwear after Delphi snuck up behind them and barked ferociously.

Enough amusing stories about my work-from-home coworkers… it is a huge learning curve for both of us working from home together but it’s kinda nice. I’m sure over the next few months there will be more stories.

Today’s tip

Over the past week, I’ve received many questions about putting together cling stamps.  So I shot this quick “how-to” video and included three other cling stamp related tips that you might like.

Take a look:

This video is a classic example of how even with practice, things don’t always work out perfectly.  Hopefully, these little tips will make your life a little easier.

Until next time… Happy creating!


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