It’s a ritual for many of us at the end of the day…grudgingly digging through the day’s mail to find that’s just piles of bills and junk all while hoping for delightful hand-written news. It’s a common complaint because many of us wish it were otherwise.

Letters are part of our history

I have nearly every personal letter sent to me saved in a treasure box…

Letters from pen-pals, past boyfriends, ex-husbands, postcards from my nana (grandmother), cards of encouragement and congratulations, thank you cards and anecdotes from my besties from their holidays around the globe… These are special.

Although text and email are quicker, the hand-written letter or card is welcomed and always warmly received. They carry the essence of the person who sent it, and there is something so special about receiving a note or letter that has traveled potentially hundreds or thousands of miles just for you.

Letters and cards are expressions of love

The person sending you mail valued you so much that they took the time to write you a note then trudged down to the post office to get a stamp and post it.  That takes time and effort and, in some cases, a little inconvenience.  This gesture speaks volumes as to how important you are to the sender.

As much as I enjoy the convenience of a text, there is no emotional resonance of the same caliber that a letter creates. A handmade card takes it to a different level.

A handwritten, handmade card to a family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while or a thank you card to someone who helped you can change their day. You don’t need a special occasion.

Where to start

If it’s been a while since you put pen to paper, just start with a notecard and write a quick hello and ask “how are you?” or say “I’m thinking of you“, “I miss you” or “Thank you.” I’m certain your card will be delightfully received. While staying safe at home, I’d like to get back in the habit of writing personalized correspondence, and I encourage you to join me.

Here are two simple cards, I pulled together using the fabulous Gold and Silver foil-edged note cards that feature in the 2019-2020 Annual Catalogue and the Crafting Forever Cling Stamp Set. The words are from the Timeless Tropical Stamp set.

Both these cards were made in under 15 minutes.  I literally stamped, grabbed my watercolor pencils and colored then went over the pencil with Wink of Stella (clear) the blend it. (Don’t use your aqua painters or Stampin’ Blends directly on the note cards.)

You could even color the images all in one color or not color them at all.  That would save you even more time!

Everything you need to make these cute cards is listed at the bottom of this post. If you are making the “silver version” you won’t need foil or whisper white, If you don’t feel like making your own cards contact me to purchase handmade cards for your stash.

I hope you enjoyed these quick cards.

Until next time, stay safe and well…Happy Creating.


P.S. Please share your creations with me on Chrissy’s Creative Crew Facebook group or email me.

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