The 2020 Cards For Troops drive is now closed due to a change in circumstances. Take a look at the fabulous donations and get an update,OUR TROOPS ARE COMING HOME!

On 8 September, the co-ordinator of the Cards for Troops program, Susan Luke (Papercraft Central) contacted me with the unexpected news that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) advised her that our troops stationed overseas are coming home (EXACT DATE UNKNOWN).

While this is fabulous news, it means that we are unable to send the cards collected on the Cards for Troops Drive to the troops this year.  So after NINE YEARS of faithfully sending our handmade cards to our Troops, ADF requested the coordinator to not send any cards this year and they are returning unused cards from previous drives to her. As you can imagine it has been a bit of a shock to get that news!

What happens to the cards now?

The philosophy of the Cards For Troops drive is keeping troops connected to those who are important to them.  Many of us have discovered firsthand over the past six months how important it is to stay connected with others. While technology makes it easier for us to keep in touch there is nothing quite the joy of receiving a handmade card or gift in the mail.

As I mentioned in my Calling All Cardmakers post at the start of the drive, the plan was that any handmade cards that weren’t suitable to send to the troops would be donated to community groups and initiatives (e.g. Cancer Council) to help others and enable connections. Because there are so many donated cards, the plan is to split the cards so that as many people can benefit from your donations as possible. My aim to carry forward the philosophy of enabling people to connect with others.

Unfortunately, I had already sorted most of the cards when I received the news, and sadly, most cards do not have the contact details of their makers on the back, so I have no idea who made which cards. This makes it difficult (almost impossible) to return them to their makers.

We’re sorry things changed…

Please accept my sincerest apologies if these circumstances beyond our control cause you any distress or inconvenience.

If you have any suggestions of organizations/ groups who may benefit please leave a comment below – so far suggestions include:

  • Cancer Council,
  • Nursing Homes,
  • Hospital Auxiliaries, Frontline workers & First responders,
  • Letters of Hope,
  • Ronald McDonald House,
  • 3 Elements (Veteran’s Charity),
  • Drought Angels

I’m sure there are others who need a helping hand. Susan and I have talked about helping as many people as we can to stay connected so any suggestions are appreciated and will be considered.

How many cards were collected?

This year my goal for my little band of card makers, to match last year’s total of 620 handmade cards. Are you ready to hear the news?

So far, I have received donations of over… wait for it… DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

2,107 handmade cards!!

Yes, that’s right TWO THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN and counting! (Can you hear the cheering and the roar of the crowd?)

How amazing! I’m absolutely blown away by your efforts!!  Never in a million years did I expect that many! The program coordinator, Susan tells me she also has one wall of her garage covered with boxes of donated cards too.

As I opened each package, I photographed the selection of cards, I tried to capture all of them but may have missed a few because there were just so many. Here’s a little slideshow I’ve put together of some of the donations…

Every single card is different and there are so many fabulous ideas to suit a wide range of tastes!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

A mere, “thank you” seems to be a little inadequate for how grateful I feel for all these donations.  Last year, I felt a little overwhelmed by sorting 620, this year “overwhelmed” doesn’t come close.  Grateful, amazed, and thankful that card makers are so wonderfully caring and generous. A million times thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Over 1,500 cards were donated by members of CARD-MAKING & PAPERCRAFT AUSTRALIA & NZ Facebook Group. Thank you all! A huge thank you to my dear friend, Estelle for collecting and coordinating the cards from this group and her local card making friends all while sporting a broken arm.

A big shout out to the fabulous card makers

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far:

  • Becky M & Friends
  • Bev B.
  • Brenda M
  • Buzz S
  • Carol A
  • Carol J
  • Cathy A & Kiera S
  • Chris B & Jayne D
  • Dawn S
  • E Piper
  • Elaine E
  • Estelle D.
  • Fay C
  • Jeanette B
  • Jenny B
  • Jo C
  • Judy E.
  • Judy M.
  • Julia C
  • Julie A S.
  • Karen K & Co
  • Leah McL
  • Lee G
  • Lesley B
  • Lil A
  • Maria D-P
  • Maureen W
  • Maxine D
  • Nerilyn C
  • Rae H
  • Rhoda S
  • Rhonda H
  • Rita B
  • Robyn D
  • Rose D
  • Vickie K

… and anyone I missed (sorry.)



Right now, I’m working on making thank you cards to send to everyone who donated handmade cards – I’ll include a little note about the change of circumstances and who will benefit from your wonderful donations.

The massive thank must go to Susan Luke and her band of volunteers who coordinated the Cards for Troops for the past 9 years – it was a huge job tirelessly sorting, preparing packages to be posted, and making the trek to the post office.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of this Cards for Troops drive – you are amazing!

Thank you everyone for your support – I’ll have more news on the recipients of the cards when we’ve finished discussions with the various groups about what they need.

Until next time… happy creating.



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