Jellyfish Season is here

You know it’s summer in Queensland when you head to the beach for a swim and are confronted with a SMACK of jellyfish! (Yes, a group of jellyfish is called a SMACK! It is also called a BLOOM.)

Down here in south-east Queensland, we might not need the hideously unflattering stinger suits (Telly Tubby Suits) that are essential in the north of the state, but we do have to dodge the stingers when we venture into the surf.  I can tell you from experience having those whispy pretty blue tentacles from the blue bottle jellies wrapped around your middle or legs and arms is no fun at all! I suspect it’s like being branded with a hot iron. The pain is searing. Trust me you don’t want to experience it EVER! However, swimming in the cool blue refreshing Queensland surf on a summer’s day is totally worth the risk.

You may wonder why I created a card that features such a painful sea animal. Let me explain…

Jellyfish are cool

No matter where I am in the world when I go to an aquarium, my first stop is the jellyfish tank.  I love how Jellyfish float and drift with the water currents – they seem so fragile and delicate.  Did you know if you cut a jellyfish in half, the pieces of the jellyfish can regenerate and turn into two new jellies? Imagine being able to do that!  They don’t need a brain, heart or lungs to function.  I’m fascinated that their superlong tentacles never get tangled and they shrink if they don’t eat.  There are so many other cool things to love about jellyfish so it seems appropriate that they feature on their own card.

JellyFish are cool! The seaside theme continues with this jellyfish thank you card! #thankyou #jellyfish #whaledone #whale #cardmakingsketch #sketch #whaleofatimesuite #whaledone #seabed #stampinup #birthday

Aren’t those Blackberry Jellyfish so pretty?  They were a little tricky to fussy-cut which is why I only fussy-cut one!

The little details

It’s probably a good time to point out the little details and tricks used to make this card,

  1. The jelly fish was first stamped on a scrap of basic white cardstock before it was stamped on the stitched rectangle without re-inking the stamp – this second and third generation stamping means the three jellyfish have different vibrancy.
  2. The vellum was embossed and lined up to match the pattern of the embossed mint macaron layer (see the picture below).
  3. The pool party ribbon was colored with a  Just Jade stampin’ blend to match the embossed background
  4. The embossing folder was inked in just jade ink before rolling it through the die-cutting machine to create a contrasting pattern.
  5. The left or leading edge of the stiched rectangle was trimmed off to enable the layer to fit better.
  6. I went overboard with dimensionals and mini-dimensionals.

JellyFish are cool! The seaside theme continues with this jellyfish thank you card! #thankyou #jellyfish #whaledone #whale #cardmakingsketch #sketch #whaleofatimesuite #whaledone #seabed #stampinup #birthday

Here’s another look at the completed card:

JellyFish are cool! The seaside theme continues with this jellyfish thank you card! #thankyou #jellyfish #whaledone #whale #cardmakingsketch #sketch #whaleofatimesuite #whaledone #seabed #stampinup #birthday

I’m really happy with how this card turned out. Perhaps it will inspire you to grab the Whale Done Stamp bundle or the Seabed Embossing folders and create pretty stuff!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Until next time… happy creating!

Chrissy x

Here’s what I used:

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