In my previous Pimp My Planner Part 1 & Part 2 posts, I talked about all the ways to embellish your planner.  Did you notice that I excluded one of the most important things? That’s right I failed to give stamps a proper mention.

Stamps can add something special. You can use them as borders, reminders or inspiration.

Stampin’ Up! has some beautiful sentiments that are just perfect to include in your planner.  “Live Laugh Love” from Layering love stamp set (page 46) is one of my favourites. Perhaps the words from the High Tide stamp set (page 140) or Colourful seasons (Page 147) are more your thing.

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Here is my five top stamp sets to use with planners
  1. Layering Love
  2. More than Chocolate – stamp each image in a different color for a different meaning;
  3. Banners for you – don’t forget about using banners in your planners – very hot look;
  4. Pieces and Patterns – fun images in there – can also sell the eclectic shaped clips;
  5. Tabs for everything – this set has lots of little reminders and images that are quirky and fun!
Whatever your style, stamps can add a new dimension to your planner. Why not take the opportunity to utilise your stamps and ink for more than just cards and scrapbook pages? You can even use stamps as reminders on those ugly traditional planning pages.

Got ugly store bought planner pages - dress them up with stamps Discover my top 5 stamps to decorate your planner with www.TheCreativeEclectic.com #planners #solutions #creativelife #getorganised #makeprettythings #memoriesmatter #tellyourstory #memorykeeping #journal #showmeyourplanner #stampinup #rubberstamping #inspirecreateshare #lovetoday

Here’s the Top 5 Planner Stamps again: 


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